Sports Resources

This page is for our coaches, refs, and even parents who are interested in learning more about coaching, reffing, or our program. Collected here are resources to better equip coaches and refs to serve in our league. These include rules sheets and reference guides, websites and videos about coaching and reffing, and more. To return to the main sports page, click here.


Health and Safety Info

Concussion Guidelines (Shared on behalf of U.S. Soccer)

Introduction to Safe and Healthy Playing Environments (A 30-minute online course on how to respond to emergency situations presented by US Soccer)


League Rules/Info

Program Guide

Blue Gym Rules

Note: Our program uses the latest rules from NFHS for our program. Unfortunately, we are not able to post these on our website.

Ref Helps

Blue Gym Documents:

Blue Gym Videos:

High School Gym Documents:

High School Gym Videos:

Note: The “Blue Gym” refers to our program for ages 4-9. The “High School Gym” is for ages 10-18.

Health and Safety Info

Concussion Guidelines (Shared on behalf of U.S. Soccer)

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