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Special Needs Classrooms

We believe that God desires all people to hear and receive His Word. Our Special Needs Ministry exists in order to share God’s Word with children and adults whose learning needs would not be met in typical Sunday School classes or in the main Sanctuary. We attempt to provide one teacher for each student to help them interact with the scriptures in their own unique way.

Our Special Needs classes are located in the nursery hallway, they are only available during our 9:45 service on Sunday Mornings.

If you are new to the church and would like to have your child join the Special Needs classes, please contact us ahead of time to ensure that we have appropriate numbers of volunteers available.


If you would prefer to have your special needs child in a regular class room, we want to work with you to make that possible. If mainstreaming is your preference, please contact us to discuss the best options for you child, and to find out which class would be the most appropriate for them.

Again, if you are new to the Church, please aid us in our classroom preparations by letting us know that you will be attending, and informing us what types of disabilities your child has.

Special Needs Fellowship

Our Special Needs Thanksgiving event is this Saturday, November 10th at 4-7pm. This will be a potluck dinner, so bring a dish to share. The whole family is welcome! Please contact Dave Miller at dmiller@ccphilly.org with any questions.

Special Needs Fellowship 6/10

Tomorrow, June 10th, we will have a Special Needs Fellowship from 3-5pm. The fellowship will be for both parents and children. Parents will meet in the prayer room and kids will meet in the Fellowship Hall.

Easter Services

Our services for Easter this upcoming Sunday, April 16th will be at 6am, 8am, 10am, and 12pm. Childcare will be provided at all services. At 6am, all classes will meet in the nursery, and all 3rd-5th graders will be in the sanctuary. Special needs will meet at the 10am service.

SN Family Fellowship

Your whole family is invited to attend our Special Needs Fellowship events. We provide a space for parents to meet and share with other parents of special needs children, while the children and their siblings are engaged in an event designed just for them. While parents talk over food and coffee, the kids play games, worship, and study the word of God.

In order to register, please fill out the attached form, and hand it in to Dot Schwartz in the Special Needs classroom, or to anyone in the Children’s Ministry Office.

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