Our 2’s and 3’s curriculum introduces our kids to studying the Bible at a young age. These simple studies bring our children through the story of the whole Bible twice in two years. The curriculum restarts in Genesis in the spring so that the birth of Christ will fall on Christmas service and His death and resurrection on Easter.

John Baptizes JesusMatthew 31/7/2024
A Hole in the RoofMark 2:1-121/14/2024
Jesus Calms the StormMatthew 8:23-271/21/2024
Two MiraclesLuke 8:40-561/28/2024
The Feeding of the 5000John 62/4/2024
Jesus Heals a Blind ManJohn 9:1-122/11/2024
The Good SamaritanLuke 10:25-372/18/2024
The Lost SheepLuke 15:3-72/25/2024
The Prodigal SonLuke 15:11-323/3/2024
Jesus and the ChildrenLuke 18:15-173/10/2024
ZacchaeusLuke 19:1-103/17/2024
LazarusJohn 11:1-443/24/2024
Jesus is Arrested and CrucifiedMark 14-154/7/2024
Jesus Dies on the Cross and Rises AgainMark 16:1-104/14/2024
Jesus Appears to Friends and Ascends to HeavenLuke 24:44-514/21/2024
The Holy Spirit ComesActs 24/28/2024
A Lame Man HealedActs 3:1-105/5/2024
A Changed ManActs 9:1-195/12/2024
Earthquake in PrisonActs 16:24-345/19/2024
Jesus is Coming!Revelation 1:1-2; 21:2-45/26/2024
God and CreationGenesis 16/2/2024
Adam and Eve/The FallGenesis 2-36/9/2024
Noah’s ArkGenesis 6-96/16/2024
The VisitorsGenesis 18; 216/23/2024
A Bride for IsaacGenesis 24-256/30/2024
Joseph’s Colorful RobeGenesis 377/7/2024
Pharaoh’s DreamGenesis 39-417/14/2024
Joseph Saves His FamilyGenesis 42-467/21/2024
Baby MosesExodus 1-27/28/2024
The Burning BushExodus 38/4/2024
Moses and the 10 PlaguesExodus 7-128/11/2024
The Red SeaExodus 148/18/2024
God Provides FoodExodus 15-168/25/2024
The 10 CommandmentsExodus 19-209/1/2024
Twelve SpiesNumbers 139/8/2024
Joshua and the Battle of JerichoJoshua 69/15/2024
Hannah Prays for a Son1 Samuel 19/22/2024
God Speaks to Samuel1 Samuel 39/29/2024
David Chosen as King1 Samuel 1610/6/2024
David and Goliath1 Samuel 1710/13/2024
David and Jonathan1 Samuel 16:14-23; 18-2010/20/2024
Elijah and the Ravens1 Kings 1710/27/2024
Mt. Carmel1 Kings 1811/3/2024
Naaman Healed2 Kings 5:1-1511/10/2024
The Fiery FurnaceDaniel 311/17/2024
Daniel and the Lions’ DenDaniel 611/24/2024
JonahJonah 1-412/1/2024
Angel Appears to MaryLuke 1:26-3812/8/2024
Jesus is BornLuke 2:1-712/15/2024
Shepherds VisitLuke 2:8-2012/22/2024
Christmas LessonTBD12/24/2024
The Bright Star and Three VisitorsMatthew 2:1-1212/29/2024