God Cares About the Little Things

This VBS looks at how God’s care is not just for great and powerful people, but every ordinary man, woman, and child. Day 1 lays out the concept of God’s care for each person, with days 2-5 looking specifically at His care for our needs, obedience, service, and finally our salvation. This culminates with a presentation of the Gospel, offering the children a chance to embrace the care of their Heavenly Father.

Included: 5 lesson plans, 5 scripts corresponding to each lesson

Taming the Tongue

This VBS explores the importance of how we use our tongue as believers. After an initial study on the power of the tongue on Day 1, Days 2-4 contrast three misuses of the tongue (lying, gossip, and complaining) with three correct uses of the tongue (truth, encouragement, and thankfulness), emphasizing both the need to avoid sinful speech and the believer’s obligation to use the tongue for good. The final day presents the students with the ultimate use of the tongue, confessing Jesus as Lord.

Included: 5 lesson plans, 5 scripts corresponding to each lesson


The Crossroads VBS focuses on decision making. The first study uses Proverbs 3:5-6 as the paradigm for the believer’s choice between God’s way (trusting the Lord with all your heart) and man’s way (leaning not on your own understanding). Days 2-4 use various Old Testament stories to look at foolish (Genesis 3), difficult (Daniel 3) and brave (Esther 4) choices. The final day uses three passages to examine the most important choice you can make, the decision to trust Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Included: 5 lesson plans